Ongoing professional development is one of the core values at Fourth Wall. We provide various training opportunities suitable for all levels of expertise.

Book That Commercial Fourth Wall Workshop

"Book that Commercial!"

Commercials are the bread and butter of many in our industry! They are not to be scoffed at, and are how many actors get their foot in the door. Auditions are competitive, and roles still require decent acting ability. You need to know what you’re doing if you’re fortunate enough to get called in!
This session will walk you through what happens in a typical TVC audition, with room to experiment and play in a small group setting.
  • General overview of business side          

  • Slating/ID to camera           

  • Improvised scenarios

  • Recorded audition session with personalised feedback

  • Q&A session

Fee: $ 150.00 + GST

Whether you are completely new to this field, returning after a hiatus, or auditioning but not BOOKING - you will find this workshop useful.



“I loved how the workshop was super hands on and we got heaps of feedback and then were able to build on it and keep going until we nailed it. You made me feel super comfortable and I loved how I got to explore different sides to my acting with different themes/tones etc. I also loved how it was a nice small group so it was super practical.
Thanks heaps for letting me be a part of it! I’ll definitely look out for more in the future.”
- Elise M -
“The workshop was very helpful as I wasn’t sure if what I did in auditions was right, so it gave me some confirmation and more confidence in that area.
It was also lots of fun! :)”
-  Aria G -
“After watching my clips I totally see what you mean about regularly taping stuff. (Seems like I do lots of things without even realising!)
Very useful - thanks! I appreciated how the workshop gave us an opportunity to work in front of a camera.”
- Dilys F -

Actor's gym

Currently only available to Fourth Wall actors.

Acting is like playing an instrument or a sport. You will only improve when you practise. We are bringing you an opportunity to exercise your creative muscles in a safe and nurturing environment surrounded by like-minded individuals. Sessions run fortnightly May-November and monthly December-April.
An Actors’ Gym session includes the following:
  • Professionally recorded clip of your material - 2-3 takes
  • Group viewing of clips
  • Feedback exchange
  • Q&A Session
It's not only a great opportunity to expand your knowledge and work on your craft, but also an amazing chance to have FUN and collaborate with fellow FW actors.
Fee: $30 + GST (or 10% off concession of 5 for $135 + GST)



“The actors’ gym was a great experience. It was fun and interactive, while still being super helpful with the acting craft. By having smaller groups it made each session like a mini intensive, as feedback was individualised rather than dispersed.”
- Ash R-
“The actor’s gym gave me the chance to perform (and even write  my own) monologues in an intimate and safe environment. Soon after, I booked a speaking role in a feature film - something I could never have done if I had not done the gym.”
- Linda R-
“I found the environment really supportive, and got some great feedback on what I need to consider to improve my performances.  Would really recommend attending this workshop, even if you have been in the business for a while… it's always good to practise!”
- Clare F-
“The sessions of the Actors’ Gym I attended were very valuable, as I could add the recordings of my dramatic and comedic scenes to my online portfolio. This means I have something to share with folks potentially interested in auditioning me. I liked that there were people I could connect with, who gave me tips on how I could improve the next tape. Whilst I felt nervous the first time, knowing the format helped me the second time, and I could just relax and focus on delivering my best performance.”
- Ivy A-

Intro to screen acting & Auditions workshop

Through this fun and interactive workshop we cover the basics you need to know when preparing for a character role (supporting/co-star) and the audition process for film/TV.
This session will provide you with invaluable insights into general audition preparation, memorisation techniques, plus insider tips and tricks that you can apply to any audition.
  • Getting in the zone             
  • Dialogue memorisation techniques                
  • Script breakdown/character development
  • Recorded audition session with personalised feedback
  • Q&A session
Fee: $200.00 + GST
Whether you are completely new to this field or returning after a hiatus, you will find this workshop useful.


'Actor's journey' workshop

Catch a glimpse of what the actor's journey is like, right from the initial audition to booking the job, to working on set!
This workshop will be most beneficial if you have taken part in the Intro to Acting/Auditions Workshop first and foremost, but if you haven't had the chance - we can still make it work.
  • Audition preparation (some self-directed work prior to the lesson)
  • Recorded audition session
  • Feedback session
  • "You got the job!" (the business side)
  • Working on set (with guest speaker from production field)
  • Q&A session
The workshop will close with an in-depth look at working on set, complete with an experienced guest speaker from the production field.
Fee: $200 + GST