How to self-tape like a PRO

How to Self-Tape like a PRO?

Nowadays, it’s more relevant than ever and it’s going to become even more important over the next couple of years.
Self-taping has opened up endless opportunities for emerging actors from all over the world, however it does mean that there are way more actors competing for each role. No one has the time or desire to look at average, boring and poorly put together audition tapes. The reality of it is – if your performance doesn’t captivate in the first 10 seconds, it is safe to say “bye bye” to your dream role.

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Blog Post 4 - Make Things Happen

Make Things Happen

Hello dear friend! I hear you want to be an actor, you’ve had a successful run in high school productions and community theatre shows – you’re now ready to play big ball! That’s great and your genuine desire to give this a go is what you need to take that first baby step and start your journey in the professional world, but it is what it is – a baby step, one of hundreds and thousands more you need to take.

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What doesnt kill you makes you stronger

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

If you think you might quite like to be an actor… it’s TOUGH. Get used to that now, stop wishing on a hope and a prayer, and start putting in the hard yards. Realistically, it takes 10-20 years of climbing the ladder before you can claim to be an established ‘in demand’ actor unless you get very, very, VERY lucky. All the actors you see on TV and in movies, didn’t just arrive there by chance. They worked HARD. Every. Single. Day. FOR YEARS.

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Actor’s Headshots 101

Headshots are an actor’s number one marketing tool, a pathway to auditions and a business card in a way. It’s the first thing a casting director sees; the first impression you make. When done correctly, it represents who you are, and is therefore one of the most important things to get right if you decide to pursue acting as a career. Your headshots are the first step to getting your foot in the door! We cannot stress enough how crucial it is to do it properly from the get go!

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How to get started as an actor

“I want to be an Actor”

Hello creative soul, and welcome to our very first blog post. 
We thought we’d kick things off right at the beginning, and bring you our tops tips for getting started as an actor.
Firstly, ask yourself these questions:
Are you interested or committed?
There are A LOT of committed talent out there … there are EVEN MORE that are merely interested – think it could be cool, are all talk/no action, don’t actually put any consistent effort in etc.
If you are committed, you will actually set yourself goals and deadlines, come up with a plan to achieve those goals by the deadlines, and then actually take action and work on those plans to meet your deadlines (this is where people usually taper off – stick with it!)

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