About Us


The fourth wall is the invisible divide between actor and observer. Actors have the ability to bridge this divide if so desired, or directed, to acknowledge or interact with their audience. This is referred to as ‘breaking the fourth wall’.

The term stems from the early 1800s, and is not an uncommon practice in an increasing number of mediums.


Fourth Wall is an Auckland based progressive and diverse actors’ agency fit for the 21st Century.

We represent actors for a variety of work across New Zealand and internationally; including TV, film, new media, print and theatre.

Our approach is of course to provide those we represent with professional opportunities, but also to connect with our people on a regular basis, provide ongoing support, maintain a growing and interactive social media presence, and encourage actors to immerse themselves in ongoing professional development.

Rose Rogers & Veronika Mironova - Agency Directors


Rose Rogers | Agency Director

Rose has been a performer for almost twenty years, originally as a classically trained singer then naturally gravitating towards musical theatre. She didn’t find a passion for straight theatre or screen acting until her paths crossed with veteran NZ actor Elizabeth Hawthorne, who encouraged Rose to give it a go. After training with Ms Hawthorne, Rose started booking screen roles. However her true love still lies in musical theatre and probably always will.
Career wise Rose realised several years ago she had a knack for actor management, and has devoted her time to this realm for the past five years. She finds it a truly rewarding profession, and wants to invest in dedicated passionate actors that are hungry for opportunities and development.

Veronika mironova | Agency Director 

Veronika has a production background and is an extremely gifted photographer, always experimenting and working on her craft. She graduated from Unitec Film School with a Bachelor of Performing & Screen Arts and has worked as a producer, director, and 1st AD so is very familiar with the many facets of our thriving screen industry.
It was through producing a short film and closely liaising with agents that she realised actor management was the right career path for her.


Fourth Wall has come to fruition out of Rose & Veronika’s desire to be more closely connected with the actors they represent, to work collaboratively with them where possible, and provide a service that encompasses professional representation, opportunities for development, and with social/networking elements.

Industry wise, their goals are to be the most progressive and diverse agency. Both under thirty, they are in this for the long haul and provide a fresh perspective and understanding of what actors are seeking from their representation, and what clients are seeking from actors/talent.