Professional development of our talent is one of the core values at Fourth Wall. We provide various training opportunities suitable for all levels of expertise. 

Through this fun and interactive workshop we cover the basics you need to know when preparing for an audition, screen or stage.  

This 2 hour session will provide you with invaluable insights to audition preparation, memorisation techniques, tips and tricks that you can apply to each audition and overall confidence boost in your acting ability. 


  • Getting in the Zone

  • Line Memorisation Techniques 

  • Script Breakdown/Character Development

  • Recorded Audition Session

  • Q & A Session

The scenes are filmed and sent to each participant alongside with personal feedback for the professional development. 

Dates: TBC

Fee: $ 50.00

Whether you are an experienced actor or completely new to this field, you will find this workshop useful. 

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Catch a glimpse of what the actor's journey is like, right from the initial audition to booking the job, to working on set!

This workshop will be most beneficial if you have taken part in the Intro to Acting/Auditions Workshop first and foremost, but if you haven't had the chance - we can still make it work.

  • Audition Prep 

  • Recorded Audition Session 

  • Feedback Session 

  • "You got the job!" 

  • Working on set 

  • Q & A Session

The workshop will close with an in-depth look at working on set, complete with a guest speaker from the production field. There will also be an opportunity for a Q&A.

Dates: 27th August, 2017

Fee: $ 150.00 

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