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"We are passionate about people who are passionate about acting"

Fourth Wall is an Auckland based progressive and diverse actors’ agency fit for the 21st Century.

We represent actors for a variety of work across New Zealand and internationally; including TV, film, new media, print and theatre.


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We are happy to receive applications at any time, but please note we prefer to keep a very small and intimate roster.

Whether you are an experienced or emerging actor, looking to be more valued and supported, to expand into an international market, or to boost your professional opportunities in general, we can market you and pitch for you accordingly.

We are open to representing all ages, genders, ethnicities, and orientations PROVIDING you are serious about your craft and have a basic understanding of the industry.

Please fill out our application form by clicking the APPLY NOW button below.

Applications from those without any prior training or credits will not be considered.

If your application is accepted, you will proceed to an AUDITION process.

One-on-one meetings will only be offered after an impressive audition, and if we have a space for you in our roster.


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Hello dear friend! I hear you want to be an actor, you’ve had a successful run in high school productions and community theatre shows - you’re now ready to play big ball! That’s great and your genuine desire to give this a go is what you need to take that first baby step and start your journey in the professional world, but it is what it is - a baby step, one of hundreds and thousands more you need to take.

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If you think you might quite like to be an actor… it’s TOUGH. Get used to that now, stop wishing on a hope and a prayer, and start putting in the hard yards. Realistically, it takes 10-20 years of climbing the ladder before you can claim to be an established ‘in demand’ actor unless you get very, very, VERY lucky. All the actors you see on TV and in movies, didn’t just arrive there by chance. They worked HARD. Every. Single. Day. FOR YEARS.

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